Getting Settled In & A Visit from Dr Rogers

In the video below, watch elephant orphan, Phabeni during his first evening at the orphanage, starting with him meeting Lammie and getting to know his new woolly partner better.

On his first evening, Tigere tells Phabeni he is home now, and encourages him to get used to his new sheep friend, while the young calf chases Lammie around the nursery. Lammie knows bolshy young orphans well and holds her own, cleverly stepping out of reach of the trunk coming at her. Phabeni puts up a fight with Stavros too, as he is still very wild and has been through a lot in the last few days.

Wildlife vet, Dr. Peter Rogers is able to treat the calf after sedating him gently. With the effects of being out in the cold alone, and some starvation and dehydration, the calf needs extra fluids and vitamins. HERD Carer Joshua sits by the elephant’s side and heat lamps help to keep the calf warm. Dr Rogers administers Phabeni with fluids with glucose, and then antibiotics, and vitamins, as well as a tranquiliser and sedative to keep him calm and take the edge off of the stress he no doubt feels.

Even though Phabeni is receiving milk and is in a safe environment, his little body has been through tremendous stress and the effects of the emotional and physical trauma can have serious implications. Antibiotics are given to Phabeni, as Dr Rogers notes, as a preventive treatment to ensure the calf doesn’t pick up pneumonia from being out in the cold and rain alone. Already, his temperature and blood pressure are very low when Dr Rogers checks them.

HERD Carer Stavros helps feed Phabeni through the night, giving him milk bottles every two hours and watching over him while he sleeps, drinks, explores his environment and plays with his new companions. Our human herd fill in for the family that this little bull has lost, and will do whatever it takes to make him feel at peace while he settles in.

You are home now, sweet Phabeni.

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  1. So heartwarming! in these scary, turbulent days. It is so fun to watch the love these folks provide to these magnificent creatures. Thank you so much for all you do! And also for sharing. This little lost soul has captured my heart. I see an adoption I. my future

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