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July 9, 2020
Khanyisa’s Momentous 6 Month Journey at HERD

Orphaned Albino Elephant Calf Khanyisa's successful six-month journey of rehabilitation at HERD. It has been an incredible six months of rehabilitation and phased integration into the Jabulani herd for little albino elephant calf, Khanyisa at HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development), South Africa's first dedicated elephant orphanage.  Watch the Journey So Far Here Khanyisa was […]

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July 5, 2020
What it Takes to Care for Baby Elephants: #5 Teamwork

We've introduced you to the elephant carers at HERD who have the very important role of looking after the orphans and their rehabilitation and integration into the Jabulani herd. A full and demanding job! But there is a greater team at work and that is essential to the goal of raising baby elephants orphans. The […]

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July 2, 2020
The Beauties of Bana Grass - aka "Elephant Grass"

You may have seen us carting bana grass around, to and from the nursery and stables, or watched the Jabulani herd and Khanyisa contentedly chewing and eating the long fresh grass, but we wanted to let you know more about it! Its source and purpose... The Jabulani bana grass plantation is a sustainable, fortunate and convenient […]

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July 1, 2020
Orphaned Elephant Calf, Khanyisa's Weight Tracker

We've been excitedly sharing Khanyisa's growth on social media to show you just how this little calf is growing before our eyes! You can certainly see the difference as she towers more and more over Lammie, her sheepy companion, and is getting taller and taller next to her human carers and Adine. Along with the […]

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June 26, 2020
What it Takes to Care for Baby Elephants: #4 Milk

One of the greatest challenges and essentials in caring for baby elephant orphans is making and providing the correct milk formula to ensure that fast-growing calves receive the correct nutrition. To keep the orphans healing well, growing strong and roaming energetically, we need to provide them with the energy to do so. When they first arrive at HERD, […]

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June 25, 2020
Bubi injures Timisa

Timisa, the youngest of the Jabulani herd, and an orphaned elephant accepted into the herd, experienced Bubi's protective and often possessive behaviour over Khanyisa, firsthand. Recently, while in the wild of the reserve, Bubi got upset with Timisa while she was playing (too much for Bubi's liking) with Khanyisa, and unfortunately hurt Timisa with her […]

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June 21, 2020
The Fatherly Figures in Khanyisa's Elephant Family

Happy Father's Day! What better opportunity than to highlight the male elephants that currently play a role in Khanyisa's new life with her new herd, the Jabulani Herd. Each morning Khanyisa joins the Jabulani herd as they depart at sunrise to forage out on the reserve, as part of her gradual integration process into the […]

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June 18, 2020
What it Takes to Care for Baby Elephants: #3 Carers

The Heart and Soul of HERD One of the great essentials in caring for baby elephant orphans at HERD is our Carers! It takes a special person to look after elephant orphans around-the-clock and we are grateful to have a strong team of such people, at HERD and Jabulani. Our loving and passionate carers are […]

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June 12, 2020
What it Takes to Care for Baby Elephants: #2 Family

Family means never leaving anyone behind... Everything about elephant herd dynamics revolves around the cohesion and strength and survival of the herd. Every elephant needs a herd and while caring for them, this is not only constantly front of mind for us, it's our very purpose at HERD. Whether it's the family we're born into, […]

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June 9, 2020

It is hard to believe that nearly ten months have already passed since HERD was built. In a way, it has felt like we have always been here! Over this time we have been incredibly blessed with many kind and helpful individuals, companies and friends in conservation. All of which have helped us get to […]

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