With the growing numbers of orphans and displaced elephant calves in recent years, as a result of increasing numbers of poaching of elephant mothers as well as man vs. elephant land conflict, Adine Roode, HERD Founder, took the step to build a dedicated elephant orphanage to provide a unique adoptive family structure for baby elephants in need.

It is our mission through HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) to care for and rehabilitate these orphaned elephants, to give them a new family, and a second chance of life with another herd.

As part of our mission to care for the elephants in our care, we raise funds for the elephants through merchandise that has the capability to have a bigger cause, that of community. By branding sport merchandise like cycling shirts, socks, buffs and caps, clubs around the world have the capability to support HERD not only through every individual purchase, but by running, cycling and adventuring together as a community in their items. This ultimately supports HERD through awareness by the apparel items worn.


Our Wishlist

As part of our fundraising, we have compiled a thorough list of HERD’s Ele-ssentials. This is our vital Wish List. By contributing financially toward the items on our list, you enable us to continue helping the elephants.

The actual products on our Wish List are not for sale. All transactions on this page function as donations towards the product purchased for use at HERD. We are then able to shop for the items locally, thanks to your financial contribution!



Our HERD Online Shop helps cover the immense costs of sustaining our elephants from year to year while sharing HERD-inspired items with fellow elephant lovers. Since all proceeds from the HERD Online Shop go directly to HERD Trust, we can support and protect the elephants in our care to the best of our ability.

From caps to keyrings, we offer a variety of quality products, all in support of a worthy cause.

impilo hoodie

Made-to-Order Merchandise

This exclusive range of products is manufactured uniquely to individually-placed orders. Browse our extensive range of items inspired by our rescued elephant herd and the two trusty companion sheep, Lammie and Nungu, with shipping available worldwide.

Help Save Our Vulnerable Gentle Giants

We rely on incredible people like you to keep us going. Every cent counts, and no contribution is too small. HERD relies on public funding to cover the operational costs to care for and support elephant orphans and the rescued herd, so we really appreciate your support.

Elephant Tales Blog

Want to hear the latest and greatest stories about what the elephants are up to? No two days are the same, and they always amaze us with their distinctive personalities and acceptance of one another. Follow us this way for all the latest stories of what’s happening at HERD.