Listen to Elephant Manager Tigere as he explains elephant bull Fishan’s role in the Jabulani herd.



After he fractured his leg in 2018, elephant bull Fishan grew closer to the elephant cows and the youngsters. His injury made him vulnerable, and he could no longer share a section of the homestead with his friend, Bubi, and her son, Zindoga, as a young bull like Zindoga might push him during the night. He now shares a section of the homestead with Tokwe and youngsters Limpopo, Kumbura, Pisa, and Timisa. Although Fishan is still very close to Bubi, this change in sleeping arrangements led to him becoming close to Tokwe and the youngsters as well.

Fishan’s injury and resulting limp also meant that he could no longer walk as fast as the other bulls, and therefore could not keep up with them when the elephants were out foraging on the reserve. Tokwe noticed this and began to walk with Fishan at the back of the herd, at a pace that he’s comfortable with.



Fishan now spends a lot of time with Tokwe, and he often helps her to take care of the young elephants. Unlike other bulls, who often forage further away from the herd, Fishan tends to forage near the cows and young elephants. He is very protective of the youngsters, and can often be seen standing near them and watching over them.

Though Fishan is a gentle elephant, he is not afraid to step in to discipline the younger bulls and keep them in line. In this way, he helps to maintain harmony in the herd.

If you would like to foster Fishan and help us with his medical expenses, you can do so here.

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