Sunshine’s Grand Adventure

Khanyisa’s nine-month journey of rehabilitation and integration into the Jabulani Herd at HERD, South Africa’s first dedicated elephant orphanage, has been one we will remember for a lifetime.

Not only because of the immense support from fosters and donors and followers on social media, who have followed her little journey throughout a rather tough year, but because of the spirit that she has shown and inspired us all with.

At a time when we have needed it the most, she gave us hope, passion and joy, having survived her terrible start to life, healed from her wounds, overcome sickness, and being accepted into a new herd of her own. She has constantly overcome each hurdle with a special kind of positivity and fight, and inspired us to do the same.

For her 1st Birthday today, 26 September (an estimate from our vets), we asked our friends and followers to send Birthday Video Wishes to celebrate this important milestone.

Take a look at this global celebration of love for one very special albino elephant orphan!

We are so grateful for the hard teamwork it took to get to this milestone, the dedication and passion of our carers and team, day after day, the companionship from Lammie the Legend, the vital aid of our experts and vets, the love and protection and wisdom from the Jabulani elephant herd, and Adine, for her guidance, experience and great heart and for capturing the journey and unique gradual integration of Khanyisa into an accepting herd of her own on video and in photographs to share with the world.

Khanyisa is an example of exactly what we set out to do with HERD. And her path and milestones are far from over. The hard work and constant care and attention continues, but this celebration of support from kind elephant-lovers around the world gives us all the vooma and spirit to keep working to give every elephant orphan in need a second chance at life.

We couldn’t have done it without the financial assistance of kind souls, donorsfosters and partner fundraisers!

Thank you for helping to get Khanyisa to ONE YEARS OLD!

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