About Mambo


Mambo is an energetic and mischievous yet loving young elephant bull.  Mambo, meaning ‘King’ or ‘Chief’ in the Shona language, was in August 2009, the fourth baby born to the herd, to mother, Lundi.

He is growing into a sturdy bull, with a rounded forehead and tusks that point outwards. He has a tear in his right ear, which resembles the torn ear that his mother, Lundi is well recognised for.

Although Mambo has always been playful, he is becoming more disciplined over the years, starting to make his own decisions and be more steadfast and independent in his actions. He often challenges the older bulls, specifically Jabulani and Sebakwe, who quickly remind him of his place in the herd. Mambo loves to spend time with Zindoga, who is Bubi’s son.