Setombe’s Story

The oldest of all the elephants, Setombe, has a quiet and sensitive nature. Born in approximately 1985, she is part of the original herd that was rescued from Zimbabwe.

While there is little information about her formative years, it is believed that she may have had some bad experiences in her youth, as she battles to trust, and is often wary and skittish. Setombe could very well have been the Matriarch of the herd, due to her age and body size, but she is a very nervous elephant and is neither a good decision-maker nor a leader.

She is a quiet but also curious elephant and likes to be in-between the herd, especially in the close company of Sebakwe and her daughter, Klaserie, because it makes her feel more protected.

The birth of Klaserie in 2007 was a significant event, as it showed that she had settled down in her new environment. The birth also had a calming effect on her.

She is the biggest (widest and tallest) female of the Jabulani herd, with the largest ears. Her tusks are even and average in size. Setombe’s head is more angular and her skin is more wrinkly than the other elephants.

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Klaserie: daughter


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Funding goes toward providing the elephants with safe shelter, medical support and dietary supplementation. You can foster an elephant for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, giving them the joy of supporting an elephant and the world of elephant conservation.


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