On this glorious day out, young bull, Mambo enjoys a momentous mud bath with Kumbura and Limpopo, before Mom, Lundi joins in. The pair, mother and son, enjoy some very special bonding time applying sand after their time in the mud, loosening the sand with the edges of their strong feet and then tossing it over their immense bodies with the help of their trunks. The mud and sand protect their skin from the sun and biting insects and has a cooling effect too.

Mambo is a mischievous bull who has brought many a laugh to people around the world and offers a great amount of entertainment for his herd too. While not a father himself, he has benefitted from the kind and nurturing fatherly love of older elephants in the herd, particularly Sebakwe. Mambo has also acted as a wonderful big brother to young orphaned calves that join the herd, learning no doubt, from his mother Lundi’s caring nature.

Born in August 2009, Mambo has been learning important life lessons from the mature bulls of the herd, which he will undoubtedly pass along to future generations of the herd in due course. Just years apart in age, Mambo and young bull Zindoga have always been as thick as thieves.

Mambo’s mother, Lundi (born in 1989) has a fairly relaxed parenting style while Zindoga’s mother, Bubi is slightly more firm in her approach. She keeps a close eye on Mambo and his antics to ensure that he doesn’t lead Zindoga astray. Who can forget when Mambo disappeared on a mission to search out the wild elephants of the Kapama Reserve? Find out more HERE.

Mambo is a large bull for his age and will likely become a dominant figure in the herd when he starts to fully mature in the years to come. The Jabulani herd is unique in that it consists predominantly of orphaned elephants from different walks of live, who have come together to create a family that transcends blood bonds. This may be why Mambo and Zindoga have yet to show interest in leaving the herd permanently, but we will continue to monitor this and manage any change that is in their best interests as strong, admirable young bulls.

Here’s to many more marvelous and memorable Mambo antics!

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