About Klaserie


Named after a river in South Africa that flows past Kapama, Klaserie was born on 23 February 2007, to Setombe. She is the second calf to be born to the Jabulani herd, and came into the world just six months after Limpopo was born.


Klaserie is a very relaxed and easy-going young female elephant, always taking things in her stride. The bond she has with her mother, Setombe, is very special, and no doubt where she gets her soft demeanor from. Like mother, like daughter, food plays a very important role in their days. Both of them can never get enough and never know when to stop.

Klaserie is not fond of crowds or wrestling like the other elephants of her age tend to do. But she does fancy group activities like swimming in the dam!

Much like her mother, Klaserie has a larger framed body, more pronounced wrinkles and a slightly pointed forehead. She has smaller tusks than her mother but they are also symmetrically aligned. Her left ear has a small tear at the bottom.