Klaserie turned 16 in February this year (2023)! Get to know more about her below and in our video featuring this beautiful pachyderm.

Klaserie is a sweetheart, full of love and care for her herd. All that love is clear to see in her enthusiastic trunk hugs and her not-so-gentle trunk touches. She’s big – she is the daughter of the largest cow in the herd, after all – and she doesn’t always realise how strong she is. But no elephant or human in Klaserie’s life can ever doubt how much she cares for them. Despite having all that strength, Klaserie is a lover, not a fighter. You won’t find her sparring with the other young elephants, and she doesn’t get into any tussles with anyone. She’s a gentle and peaceful soul. Klaserie does, however, like playing. If there’s sand to dig around in, Klaserie will find it. She’s also very curious, and will always investigate anything new or interesting.

Klaserie’s closest bond is with her mother, Setombe. Klaserie’s birth had a profound effect on Setombe, helping her to become calmer and more relaxed. She’s still a bit nervous, due to trauma she experienced in her youth, but Klaserie has truly helped her to come out of her shell. Klaserie and Setombe spend almost all of their time together, and the two are exceptionally close. Klaserie is also close to her mother’s friend, Sebakwe. The trio share a section of the homestead at night. Klaserie has good relationships with all of the other young females. Her first friend was Limpopo, who was born just six months before her. Klaserie has been keeping an eye on the calves of the herd for a while now, but she really stepped up with her allomothering duties last year. She’s always loved Khanyisa, but the two are now closer than ever. Klaserie absolutely adores the little calf, to the point where her shows of affection are sometimes a bit too intense for Khanyisa. And it’s quite an accomplishment to be too intense for Khanyisa.

You can help us to care for Klaserie, and keep her healthy and happy, by adopting her. Join this lovable young elephant’s foster family here >

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