You may be used to seeing Khanyisa being looked after by either her adoptive mother, Lundi or closest allomother, Kumbura, but today it is Klaserie who takes on the duty of babysitter. Bubi, Limpopo, and Tokwe also step in here and there throughout the day. Klaserie is a wonderful allomother to Khanyisa as she is calm and confident and Khanyisa loves to be in her company. Watch as the two elephants spend some time side by side while out munching on branches in their wilderness. Khanyisa slips her trunk into Klaserie’s mouth in that typical way elephants do as a way of comforting or communicating, much like a handshake or a hug. Klaserie is much more at ease in her own skin than her mother, Setombe or orphan and allomother, Kumbura, likely because she has never experienced any trauma or conflict like the others who were orphaned. Setombe raised Klaserie with constant care and protection and the greater herd, as always, took on their roles to ensure she grew up to be the well-adapted young female she is today. It’s wonderful to watch her passing on her experience and protection to little Khanyisa. While Klaserie was born in 2007, Khanyisa only came into the world in 2020 and has plenty to learn from her elders.

Watch the pair enjoying time together here:

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