About Bubi


Born in approximately 1993, Bubi had a tough start to life in Zimbabwe. She lost her mother to poachers, so was orphaned at a young age. She was part of the original herd that was rescued and brought to the Jabulani reserve.

Bubi has always been a very calm elephant, gentle and reliable, with impeccable manners – and she expects the same from the herd, especially the younger elephants.

She has a caring heart and a motherly nature. Since arriving at Jabulani, she has given birth to her calf, Zindoga. She is a wonderful and natural mother to him and is always very loving and helpful with the other youngsters too. Khanyisa has found a very supportive allomother in Bubi, who she finds a lot of comfort and love from during the days out foraging in the wild.


She prefers to be in her own company and does not tend to spend time with many females, even showing a dislike to human females too at times, but we do not know the reason for this. Somopane and Fishan are her two closest male friends.

Swimming is one of Bubi’s favourite things to do – she loves being in the water and having a wild wallow and splash in the mud.

Bubi has always been short for her age and is wider and shorter than the other elephants. She has the longest eyelashes of the herd and shorter uneven tusks. Her left tusk points slightly downwards, while the right tusk has developed marginally higher than the left, and faces more outwards..