Timisa, the youngest of the herd, and an orphaned elephant accepted into the herd, experienced Bubi’s protective and often possessive behaviour over Khanyisa, firsthand.

Recently, while in the wild of the reserve, Bubi got upset with Timisa while she was playing (too much for Bubi’s liking) with Khanyisa, and unfortunately hurt Timisa with her tusks. She scraped her back. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, but it required a visit from our dedicated wildlife vet, Dr. Rogers, to do a check-up and treat her wounds.

Where Bubi excels, is in her level of maternal care. She raised her son Zindoga to be an exceptionally well-mannered and well-liked young bull, and now in recent months her immediate acceptance, love and protection over Khanyisa, has been incredibly heartwarming to watch.

Recently she confronted Adine too when she felt Adine came too close to her while with Khanyisa on one occasion (mentioned in a previous post).

We will share more about Bubi soon, but for now, we are glad that Timisa is okay, and our carers were able to appease the situation. Timisa is on the mend, but she does keep her distance from Bubi and is a little less interactive with Khanyisa at the moment. But no doubt it will blow over soon.


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  1. As I can’t see any dates on the blogs, I’m not sure when this happened, but, thank you for sharing; we all need to understand these things happen no matter the effort in place to ensure a peaceful environment for the herd. Sending love and hugs to Timisa and hope also that her feelings towards Bubi will recover too. Dear Khanyisa has much to learn ahead of her but, she is surrounded by the best teachers. Thank you for doing all that you do.

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