Wisdom 4 – New Sunshine



No matter how dark yesterday’s night or dusk, a promise of new sunshine awaits, Little Tusk. Looking back at the lessons we’ve learnt since Khanyisa first arrived at HERD, one year ago, this wisdom is about hope and faith.

As difficult as times can be, for all of us, at some point in our lives, similarly as dire and unbearable as Khanyisa’s loss of her family and snare wounds, the darkness of the past soon gives way to new and brighter days.

If we have a little hope in our hearts and will in our bones to keep on keeping on, however thick the mud gets on the path, we will find our flow and glow and the beauty of new beginnings.

Khanyisa reminded us of this important life lesson. She has been the sunshine that gave us hope and purpose, just as our team helped her to run in the sunshine once again. We hope this new HERD wisdom gives you hope and a comforting reminder when you need it.

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