Gin For All & All For Gin! – JabuGin for G&T & Elephant Lovers

A special edition of JabuGin has arrived at our lodge boutique!

We’re very excited about this new venture for a few reasons… For one, our JabuGin is infused with the dung of the Jabulani herd of elephants… a unique ingredient that you may either be very curious to try or perhaps need some tempting to even sniff.

The dung is collected, cleaned and dried and added to the creation of our gin, adding all kinds of natural plant ingredients foraged by the Jabulani herd while out on their walks in the wilderness each day. The herd are happy and healthy (the proof is in their poop) and their contribution to our new gins infuses the mix with distinctive South African botanicals and tastes that the elephants have discerningly selected for us.

Our JabuGin is specially made with the dung of the Jabulani elephant herd by the fabulous creators, Indlovu Gin, the original dung gin makers! The team behind Indlovu say: “We are delighted to have been able to create JabuGin for Jabulani using our original Indlovu gin elephant dung concept. JabuGin and Indlovu both help raise vital funds for HERD Elephant Orphanage through a percentage of sales.”

We love Gin! And Tonics! Gin & Tonics! The cool smooth taste of our evening cocktail during a safari sundowner by the dam, with the elephants, zebra and buffalo, the scent of the bush and cooing doves and lions roaring through the setting sun…We’re especially excited to be toasting to happy bush days with our very own brand of this favourite tipple.

Unfortunately, due to high international shipping costs for liquor and custom costs, we do not sell JabuGin abroad just yet until we find a more affordable method for our customers. But we do ship nationally around South Africa.

Contact Marketing@herd.org.za for South African orders and rates.

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