Wisdom 06 – True friends always have you covered.



When you have something to care for, try, try and try a little more. A little will soon become a lottle and quickly gulped will be the bottle!

This new HERD wisdom featuring artwork by local South African artist, Maryke Vosloo looks at the perseverance it took to rehabilitate Khanyisa and in particular, to help her drink milk from a bottle. This was not only a foreign concept to her as a substitute to her mother’s teat, but also a real feat considering the painful wounds around her mouth caused by the snare she was trapped in for around four days before being spotted and rescued.

Adine took to guiding our dedicated nursery carers like Khensani, Reply, Herman and Joshua to give Khanyisa her milk bottles without hurting her — it took patience, trial and error, tenderness, strength and plenty of perseverance as we all learnt to adapt to Khanyisa’s special needs when she arrived at HERD in January 2020 — a year when so much changed for all of us but also one in which this little calf gave us so much to strive for and keep working towards.

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