Wisdom 11 – Some people cross your path for a moment but change your whole direction.



We may cross paths briefly, but help one another deeply 💖

This new wisdom honours Khanyisa’s journey, from orphan snare victim to 3 year old survivor with a family of her own ✨ and the role certain people like Dr Rogers played in it. It reminds us of those guardian angels who help us on our journey, whether they be doctors, friends of friends, strangers, faraway mentors or fleeting conversations.

With immense help from Dr Peter Rogers, Khanyisa’s veterinary angel, & the team at Provet Animal Hospital, Khanyisa was able to heal from the wounds the snare cut so deeply across her cheeks and head. Seen here is Dr Rogers stitching Khanyisa’s cheek in the vital yet momentary event that helped her to recover from her wounds.

Artwork by the incredibly talented local female artist, Maryke Vosloo.

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