Our list of needs at HERD is long and constant. Elephant orphans, like any baby, have a wide array of requirements in their early development stages when their health and survival are the most fragile and critical. Through fundraising, we are able to cover the costs each month, but since we rely on this funding and are dedicated to caring for and supporting the orphans even after they are integrated, financial assistance is vital. Until about four years of age, they still require milk formula feedings, after which they will switch to full-time sustenance from foraging and bana grass and vegetation provided by the Jabulani elephant carers. Perhaps you may prefer for your donation to HERD to go toward a specific item on our wishlist? Please take a look at our needs here, including different items for our around-the-clock carers, as well as food and supplies for the orphans as required daily or in the rehabilitation and integration phases of their development. Please contact us if you have any questions: fundraising@herd.org.za. View more in our Wishlist PDF >

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