Uniform: Carers: Jim Green AR8 Shoes



Shoes for Carers! Help the men and women who help the elephants.

Our carers and homestead workers go through shoes quickly with all the hard work they dedicate themselves to daily in looking after the elephants. The carers walk 15 to 20 kilometres a day out in the Big 5 African wilderness and need to be prepared for everything, ready to handle the hardiest terrain and moments. Our homestead workers toil over keeping the home of the elephants clean and hygienic, while removing and delivering branches, lucerne and bana grass each day. The JabuLadies help with our land restoration project, to remove invasive plants and to regrow new grasslands through brushpacking. They need tough soles to tackle the ground beneath them. You can help us to ensure the team on the ground have good, strong shoes all year round, so that they can focus on the elephants and their environment.

Help our Shoes For Carers Drive and donate today! Shoes purchased locally with donation income by HERD team.

Note: Items will not be shipped but purchased locally with your donation. You will receive a digital donation certificate from our team through e-mail.

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