Community Project: Nkosi Bars



Donate 40 Nkosi Bars for 1 class of 40 children.

HERD’s continued involvement in Jameyana Primary School is helping us to empower and inspire the up-and-coming generations throughout the local town. Conservation work’s success depends on the participation of local people and as such we work to share awareness of the elephants and the opportunities they help to create for our community.

HERD and our partner NTT Toyota Hoedspruit is currently supporting 161 Grade R kids this year, who will receive a bar three times a week.

Your donation will support this nutritional program and help improve the long-term development of these children.

Note: Items will not be shipped but purchased locally with your donation. You will receive a digital donation certificate from our team through e-mail.

More information in our Blogs – Raising Little Elephants & Little Students at HERD | HERD

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