*Big Wish: Solar Fundraiser: Help HERD Go Solar and Stand a Chance to Win a Safari at Jabulani



Help us to keep the lights and power on through intermittent electricity outages in South Africa by supporting our Solar Project.

A Sunshine Safari Competition

To encourage more supporters to donate to our solar campaign, we have launched an exciting competition. For every $50 / R1000 donation towards our solar project, you will receive ONE ENTRY into the competition, to stand a chance to win a safari experience at Jabulani in our reserve. You can meet the elephants and experience the African sun for yourself. So the more you donate, the more chance you have at winning the prize.

Terms and conditions apply. Prize includes 2 nights for 2 people sharing. No flights included. Please note that South African donors who wish to claim a tax benefit certificate cannot be entered into the competition.

More information or Donation options on our Solar Campaign page here – Solar Campaign | HERD

Your Donation

You can donate to help take HERD elephant orphanage off-grid. We are working with a local company to power HERD Trust operations through solar energy, so that we are not dependent on expensive and interruptive national Eskom power, which is frequently subjected to load-shedding. Forced blackouts are implemented to prevent overloading the national power grid when energy demand exceeds production. This leaves HERD in the dark and without reliable communication systems.

Electricity is vital for many aspects of our operation, including:

  • Lights and electric fencing for the Homestead & Orphanage
  • Orphanage kitchen for milk formula production
  • Orphanage facilities during day and night for calves
  • Carer accommodation, providing comfort, safety and visibility as they watch over the herd at night
  • Communication through radios and phones plus spotlights
  • Pumping of water for bana grass, dams, orphanage, homestead and drinking water
  • Pressure washer for cleaning the homestead

The cost of using diesel for our generators during load-shedding is very high. By utilising solar energy, we are not only lowering the cost but also the carbon footprint on our reserve and earth. The benefit of going solar is also the amount HERD Trust will be able to save on energy expenses in the future. In our first year, we will save a total of R276,000 by making use of solar and relying less on Eskom, the national electricity supplier. Our total cost of energy saving minus the cost of the initial investment will be R10,497,367 over 20 years. That’s huge.

Blog available about our Solar Campaign on the following link A Safe Space for Elephants, Day and Night | HERD

Note: Items will not be shipped but purchased locally with your donation. You will receive a digital donation certificate from our team through e-mail.

We appreciate your support! The HERD Team

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