Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude…

Our hearts seem very small beside the gentle giants in the Jabulani herd, and increasingly smaller beside growing Khanyisa, but how they seem and how they feel are two different things. With the immense support we have received from people around the world, helping us in big and small and life-changing ways to support and sustain the elephants and new orphans, our hearts feel mighty large and overflowing!

We can hardly believe that Khanyisa is on her way to turning two years old this September and that almost two years have passed since we completed building the orphanage in August 2019. Over this time an incredible community of fosters, friends and followers have donated money and items on our wishlist and sponsored some essential supplies. People have truly gone above and beyond and shown the kind of love and compassion that has the power to change lives. During an especially difficult year for many, our supporters and our dedicated team have kept us (and the elephants) going and growing!

We could not have gotten to this point without the kind and generous support of our HERD community. Be it by fostering, sponsoring, donating, partnering, viewing videos, or engaging with posts; each of you has been and continues to be an integral part of this journey. Since our last Gratitude Blog, we would like to name a few incredible supporters below!


Thank you to Helen and Ben at IZINDLOVU FUND for donating a large scale to help track the weight of larger calves, as well as a kitchen scale to measure the ingredients that go into the milk formula. Your ongoing support and friendship is so appreciated.

Thank you to LIFEMAX for kindly donating a Seca Measure Rod to measure the orphan calves as they grow.

Thank you to MURIEL WITTSTOEK for very kindly donating some wonderfully efficient shears to sheep companions, Lammie and Nungu.

Thank you to the 50 CLUB for your kind donation of two stretchers for the carers to use when in the nursery at night, as well as the gardening tools!

Thank you to LYNNE LE ROY for your generous donation of various tools and welding equipment to the orphanage.

Thank you to LETABA WIRELESS NETWORKS for providing our ongoing connectivity at the orphanage – many of our essential functions would be impossible to carry out without this!

Thank you to MATTHEW GROUND for equipping the orphanage with a Karcher SC2 Easyfix Steam Cleaner, as well as various other medical supplies from our Wishlist.

Thank you to ELEPHANTS ALIVE for taking our carers out into the bush to track wild elephants and to experience and to learn more about the research being done to help protect the species. Read more about this HERE.

Thank you to the team at SSEM MTHEMBU MEDICAL for sponsoring a variety of items such as drips, bowls, wool and bandages to assist with Khanyisa’s daily treatment of her injuries.

Thank you to PROVET & LAKATO for donating 2 boxes of Omeprecote.


Thank you to SOLEIL SITRUS for donating trunkfuls of delicious butternuts and cabbage to the elephants. They went down an absolute treat!

Thank you to NUTRICIA for donating 350 tins Neocate to Khanyisa’s milk supplement.

Thank you to THE RHINO ORPHANAGE for very kindly donating 18 big milk bottles to HERD’s elephant orphans.

Thank you to WARRIORS OF AFRICA WILDLIFE (WAW) for the hard work you put into the blankets and beanies you donated to the orphans and their carers. We are so grateful for your talents.

Thank you to NANA ENID for knitting a blanket for Khanyisa and sending it all the way to South Africa.


Thank you to Kristin Sarkar at ELEPHANT ALLIES for your ongoing support and friendship.

Thank you to Ian Swain at OUR SEVEN WORLDS for your continued monthly financial contributions, support and passion for this cause.

Thank you to all our wonderful friends, followers, and donors for the heartfelt love and support of Fenya during her time with us. It meant the absolute world.


Thank you to LIZA TIVEY for donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of your beautiful scarves to HERD!

Thank you to HAPPY ELLI for your donations and special hoodie made for Adine!

Thank you to NADINE & LOX for sending the lovely elephant TOTE bag to Adine, to use when out with Khanyisa.

Thank you to MARY PONGONIS for sending the elephant mask to Adine.


Thank you to JAMES DELANEY, the artist who created the incredible limited-edition artwork, “Jabulani and Friends,” for our special fundraiser, Art For Elephants – and to all the donors and fostering parents who supported this cause to raise vital funds for Jabulani and HERD during COVID-19, after global restrictions cut funding from tourism.

Thank you to every donor that donated to our HERD Elephant Impact Land Project Phase 1 to assist us in lessening the environmental impact from the elephants on the land that surrounds the orphanage.

Thank you to THE PERFECT WORLD FOUNDATION for your very kind donation to HERD in celebration of World Wildlife day!

Thank you to RAHAB VON HORN for your generous donation towards the trees planted around the elephant stables for World Earth Day.

Thank you to WARRIOR500 for the fundraising done for the Jabulani Elephant Carer Crisis Fund & HERD during their challenge last year.


Thank you to DISCOVER WILDLIFE for supporting HERD through their bracelet campaign and donating a portion of their proceeds.

Thank you to LUXURTRAVELLER for donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of their t-shirts and necklaces to HERD.

* Kindly note that these projects are now concluded.


And a huge thank you to every single foster parent, donor, and merchandise store supporter. Your contributions truly keep us afloat and enable us to carry out this work. Thank you for investing in our future!

To Donate: herd.org.za/product/donate/

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