We will never be able to fully express just how grateful we are for every single one of our supporters. We truly appreciate every selfless action, every kind comment, and every donation of every size. There are so many different people and organisations who have contributed to HERD and helped us to care for the elephants, the surrounding environment, and the local community. We would not have made it to where we are today without all of these supporters – our extended HERD family. We sincerely thank each and every one of you.

This month, we would like to thank the people and organisations below for their recent and ongoing support.


Ongoing Ele Champions

Thank you to IZINDLOVU FUND for raising funds for our elephant carers and using the funds to purchase a freezer to keep their water bottles cold, as well as a uniform for Elephant Manager Tigere. We value your partnership and are grateful to have your continuous support on this beautiful journey.

Thank you to THE PERFECT WORLD FOUNDATION donating the equivalent of 190 bottles of milk for elephant calf Khanyisa. We truly appreciate your ongoing support.



Essential Daily Operations

Thank you to LETABA WIRELESS for their wonderful support in keeping the orphanage connected daily.


Full Tummies and Warm Bodies

Thank you to REDELINGHUYS PACKERS for donating six bins of naartjies for the elephants.

Thank you to SOLEIL SITRUS for donating 3.5 tonnes of oranges for the elephants.

Thank you to DOROTHY WESTCOTT for donating two milk bottles for Khanyisa.



Philanthropic Creatives

Many thanks to IZINDLOVU FUND for donating funds raised from the sale of the beautiful elephant sculptures created by French artist and sculptor François Vandenberghe. A HUGE thank you to Cafmeyer Gallery and François Vandenberghe for their amazing continued support in the fundraising collaboration with Izindlovu Fund. We are so excited about the launch of the new Sebakwe & Khanyisa and Tokwe & Kumbura sculptures that are now available to be purchased through the Cafmeyer Gallery.



Special Projects

A big thank you to WARRIORS FOR AFRICA’S WILDLIFE for their generous donation of 30 Little Mhambis for HERD to sell. Little Mhambis are available in our online shop, with all proceeds going towards HERD Trust.

A special thank you to DOROTHY WESTCOTT for the kind bracelet gift for Adine, all the way from the USA.

A special thank you to INSIGHT OUTDOOR for advertising us on their city billboards in Pretoria between 1 June – 31 August to create awareness of HERD and elephant conservation.

Thank you to ZEROPLUS PRINTERS for printing our Trails for Trunk virtual event flyers at a discounted rate. We appreciate your ongoing support.



Pack for a Purpose

A huge thank you to ARLEY MEDICAL SERVICES and PACKINGTON & MAXSTOKE WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (David, Rebecca, Cameron, and Kate) for donating four full suitcases of various supplies for HERD, Mpisi Primary School, Vet Books for Africa, and Hlokomela Clinic.

Thank you to CLAIRE HEARN for donating various stationery and craft supplies to Mpisi Primary School.

A big thank you also to MELINDA, REBECCA, AND JAMES KINSEL, as well as STEVEN MAURICIO, for donating two suitcases of stationery, craft supplies, books, clothing, and other supplies to Mpisi Primary School.



Community Development Projects

A massive thank you to NTT TOYOTA HOEDSPRUIT for donating 50% of the costs for the Nkosi Superbars each month. Nkosi Superbars are handed out three times a week to children in Grade R at Mpisi Primary School.

Thank you to VET BOOKS FOR AFRICA for donating supplies to the Busbuckridge /Acornhoek community during the Rabies Awareness & Stop Snaring Campaign.


Donation Partners

Thank you to IZINDLOVU FUND for their ongoing support and donation of merchandise sales from their online shop.


Cause Marketing Partners

Thank you to AMARULA / DISTELL INTERNATIONAL for their continuous support and proceeds received from sales of the Khanyisa bottle.



Thank you to all our supporters in South Africa who registered for the MYSCHOOL program. Every time you swipe with your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card at MySchool partners, we receive a percentage of your spend at HERD Trust.


HERD Family

A big thank you to all our followers, donors, foster parents, friends, and merchandise store supporters for all your ongoing kindness and contributions. You unwavering support is very much appreciated.


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  1. HERD is so worthy of the support! Obviously, the herd has touched the heart of so many as well as HERD’s other projects too. I’ll always donate when I can. A bunch of little donations quickly add up and go a long way.

  2. I love your blogs! I so enjoy reading about all things “HERD”.. Many blessings to you Adine and your magnificent team!!❤️🐘❤️

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