A Drone View Over Khanyisa & the Herd

Enjoy a special view of the rescued elephant herd as they move through the bush and forage with their carers close by to offer protection. This view from above, as the birds’ see it, shows a different angle to these gentle giants to what we normally show you. See if you can spot Khanyisa and the other 15 members of the herd using their identifying features. You get a good view of the wilderness, with the bush lush and green, although we are heading out of rainy season now.

Elephants on Alert! Sunrise Walks & Soil Baths with Khanyisa & the Herd!

Watch the herd rally together as a scent throws them off and causes them to protectively huddle. Lundi places her trunk in Tokwe’s mouth as she offers a consoling gesture. One reason why elephants place their trunks in others’ mouths is to offer reassurance or comfort. When elephants encounter a threat, they may bunch together and place their trunks in each other’s mouths to reassure each other. Elephants also place their trunks in each other’s mouths during all types of greetings. Read more in our blog on the subject >

Khanyisa and Kumbura enjoy the damp soil, with the calf eating it for extra nutrients and her allomother showering herself in it for the protection it offers the skin. Enjoy walking with the elephants and moments with Fishan and the others, with Kumbura frequently by Khanyisa’s side.

Albino Baby Elephant Khanyisa Comes Running to Her Human Mother

Khanyisa just loves her human mother! The little calf comes running to seek out Adine as her carer stands with Setombe and the delicious mud puddles. Watch two views, one from afar, and one as Adine sees it, with Klaserie and Kumbura both close by. Khanyisa envelops Adine with her body, giving shade and protection to her on this afternoon in the bush. Sweet little moments from the herd’s wild days!

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