Khanyisa weighs in at 876 kilograms this April! That’s 1931 pounds! She can hardly fit through the orphanage door as she goes for a weigh-in with carers, Stavros and Herman. How great it is to see her at almost 900 kgs! She is clearly thriving thanks to all the support from her milk bottles, her carers and herd, and you, her supporters (foster parents and donors).

There is plenty of Sunshine to love! Meisiekind is stronger and more skilled at foraging and roaming in the bush each day, with the guidance of her elephant family, and the additional food source from the bush plus those milk bottles and sweet potatoes are letting themselves be seen on the growing calf.

Watch it all in this new video!

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  1. A true miracle to watch her grow and see the three of you express your love for her! Thank you for starting my Monday morning with a huge grin😁. Looks like I need to gift our princess more milk. Thank s again to everyone at HERD for your amazing love and work for our elephants ❤️

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