About Pisa


Born on 13 November 2009, Pisa is Limpopo’s little sister, and the second daughter to Tokwe, the Matriarch of the Jabulani Herd. She has great self-confidence and leadership skills like her mother.

Pisa made quite the entrance into the world. While out in the bush, Tokwe went into labour, after showing no signs that she was close to her time. After only one hour of labour, little Pisa was born, and walked back approximately 4kms on one of the hottest days of summer, side-by-side with her mom, which led to her being named Pisa, meaning “Heat”.


Much like her sister and mother, Pisa has a strong, beautiful and athletic body, a slightly pointed forehead, and her tusks are still quite small as she catches up to her big sister.

Her self-confidence continues to grow with age. She often leads the herd when out foraging and tends to be rather jealous of the other younger elephants of the herd. Pisa tends to think that she is an adult, but she still needs protection and support from the entire herd-like all the other younger elephants.

She is often seen playing and having fun with her younger adoptive sisters, Kumbura and Timisa, but does not fuss too much over Khanyisa, who is gradually integrating with the herd.