About Jabulani


Born in 1997, Jabulani was rescued as a four-month-old little elephant, who was found stuck in the mud of a silt dam, abandoned by his herd. Against all odds, Jabulani survived his initial struggles and his health improved.


In 2002, he found a family of his own when he was accepted by Tokwe (the Matriarch of the elephant herd rescued from Zimbabwe). So began his life with his new herd. His name is a celebration of this second chance at life – meaning ‘Happiness’ or ‘Rejoice’ in the Zulu language.

Jabulani is a friendly, kind and loving elephant, intelligent and playful – he adores attention! He is always curious about his surroundings, always wanting to be part of the action.

Jabulani is growing in confidence as a bull and in leadership and status in the herd and is second in dominance amongst the bulls. He is a very proud elephant, tall and slender with tusks that are short and evenly spaced, pointing in a very slight outward direction.