About Fishan


Fishan, meaning ‘something smaller’, was born in approximately 1989 and was rescued from Zimbabwe with the rest of the herd in 2002. In 2018, he fractured his front left leg by walking into a deep hole.


It has been an incredible journey of rehabilitation and recovery which took a lot of hard work, time and team effort, but Fishan persevered and survived the odds. He got stronger and stronger by the day and is now back with his herd, walking through and foraging in the bush during the day, although now with a slight limp, and loving his time swimming, more than ever.

Fishan is a sensitive soul that stresses easily, although his seemingly carefree demeanor often fools one. He is a very smart elephant who doesn’t forget easily, is very independent and is usually the elephant that will take an alternative route, just to be different.

He is a protective figure and helps the Matriarch, Tokwe look after the calves. Fishan is tall, but slender with short tusks.