Wisdom 13 – Be forever curious.



Nandi has been on several adventures to the orphanage with HERD Founder Adine, as her companion German Shepherd. The pup travels with Adine often and spent most of Lockdown getting to know a much smaller Khanyisa and her friend, Lammie the sheep. Nandi helped keep the team company on drives in the reserve, collecting branches, cleaning the stables… and has grown up big and strong before our eyes. Khanyisa was always very curious about this special pooch, while Lammie preferred to keep her distance. Puppies are boisterous after all. Here is a moment we captured as Nandi curled up in one of the nurseries in the orphanage and Khanyisa peered in with her trunk outstretched to check on the strange creature with its short nose and small ears.


Image by local South African artist Maryke Vosloo

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