Fundraiser for HERD

Fundraiser For Herd

Every Elephant Needs a Champion

Would you like to host a third-party fundraiser in aid of HERD Trust?

Get your fundraiser cap on and make a difference in the world. We are extremely grateful for any interest in supporting HERD and fundraising initiatives are without doubt a vital way to help, especially when you can’t donate financially yourself.

Giving of your time, energy and other resources in this way not only helps to spread awareness of elephant orphans, their beauty, the challenges they face and their need for protection, but it also helps to contribute to the vital funds needed to run an elephant orphanage.

Please contact us should you wish to start your own fundraiser for HERD:

It is vital that you first contact us before starting a HERD Fundraiser to ensure that all the correct, legal and ethical procedures are adhered to.

Donate Your Birthday

There is no better way to show your trunkfuls of love for the Khanyisa and her herd than donating your birthday by fundraising for HERD. Make a birthday wish to all your friends and family and let them know you prefer donations instead of gifts this year and you would like the donations to go towards Khanyisa and the elephants at HERD.

Simply click on this link to our GlobalGiving fundraising partner or GivenGain partner which will allow you to create a fundraiser for HERD. All you have to do is select a project-search for HERD and our projects will come up.

If you have any questions about the process you are welcome to email us:

Thank you for wanting to make a difference!