About Timisa


Timisa, meaning “Courageous”, is an orphaned elephant that was rescued in November 2016 by Elephants Alive and accepted gracefully into the Jabulani Herd. It is estimated that she was born in mid-2015.


Timisa’s mother, unfortunately, died as a result of a severe drought. Tokwe, the Jabulani herd matriarch, took the orphaned calf under her trunk and became her adoptive mother. With Tokwe’s guidance, and also the acceptance of Fishan, she has settled in naturally and beautifully with the herd.

Timisa was very weak when she first arrived, but in time, her health improved dramatically. She has tiny tusks that have started to grow slowly and a very welcoming and open looking face.

She loves eating and is always on the lookout for the next nibble. She has blossomed into a very sweet, playful and energetic young elephant, especially when around her new friend and little sister, orphan Khanyisa who is being integrated into the herd. Khanyisa’s presence has boosted Timisa’s self-confidence and self-worth.