Elephant Orphans

Elephant Orphans

The HERD Orphanage was built in 2019, however, the legacy and building blocks of the orphanage reach back to 2002, when Jabulani, a rescued orphan, was accepted by a unique rescued herd from Zimbabwe. 

In 2009, Kumbura was rescued from the borders of South Africa and Botswana and accepted openly by Tokwe, the matriarch and the herd. In 2016, Timisa, who was rescued by Elephants Alive, and brought into our care, was also accepted unconditionally by the herd. 

It was in 2019 that the much-anticipated building of the dedicated orphanage took place, creating a space that is ideal for rehabilitation and treatment of orphaned elephants, and built strategically alongside the Herd Homestead – where the Jabulani Herd stay overnight.

Khanyisa, an orphaned albino elephant calf was rescued in January 2020, having somehow survived days on her own trapped in a snare. She is fully rehabilitated physically, and is currently integrating with the Jabulani herd. 

The orphans will receive 24/7 round the clock care from our dedicated carers, while slowly integrating with their new herd at a pace that works for each baby elephant’s needs. They will remain in the care of the orphanage over night until such time they are fully weaned and not reliant on milk formula in their diets.