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The JabuLadies Team have been busy with not only embroidery, dung paper and dung soap projects as part of our women’s empowerment initiative, but also contributing to our land management projects in the reserve. The team currently consists of Linkie, Patience and Thulisile, with Miriam as leader, and have been spending time in the bush, clearing dead branches to use for brushpacking and clearing the earth for our tractor to rip the land – this prepares it for seed planting, which is followed by brushpacking – the laying of branches over areas where seeds have been planted, so to protect the top soil and the new grass growth. This helps to turn once degraded or barren land into fertile, thriving land that provides for the animals in the reserve, including the elephants in the rescued herd.

Our Grasslands Restoration Project is now in phase two, soon moving into phase three. It is facilitated through fundraising for our vital land vision to restore and rejuvenate the tracts of land most used by not only our rescued elephant herd, but all the wildlife we share our reserve with. The JabuLadies have also been busy removing invasive plant species, such as Peruvian zinnia that take over the plant community and out-compete grass.

While working in the wilderness with our team, the JabuLadies are experiencing our country’s wealth of wildlife and birdlife, encountering animals they have often heard of but never seen before. In addition the JabuLadies are paid for their work, giving them a vital source of income to help them support their families. We hope to grow the team slowly, to create more opportunities for local women living in the communities around us to benefit from the care of elephants and conservation as a whole, and to create ways for women to empower themselves and their lives.

South Africa is a beautiful country, rich in vegetation and animals unique to the continent of Africa, but poverty, gender equality, overpopulation and lack of employment and government support continues to cripple many communities. We are striving through our work at HERD to contribute to bettering the lives of the people we live alongside here in Hoedspruit and the greater Limpopo area, and to sharing the benefits and beauty of our natural world and animal kingdom with more fellow South Africans.

Our Grasslands Restoration Project is vital for the long term sustainability of our wilderness reserve and the countless animals who call it home, including the rescued herd you have come to know and love. We have to save and protect our last remaining wild spaces not only in South Africa, but across the world, as these habitats are vital for the survival of the animals, birds, insects, and entire ecosystems on which humans and the health of our planet rely.

You can contribute to our land management project by donating through our website and help us in our efforts >

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  1. What a wonderful project, connecting this site for other species and habitat to move across. On the video it
    looks like the Impala already know where to find the grassy parts that are dotted in the clusters of trees across the landscape.

    That is quite a sizable plot of land for these 3 well accomplished ladies to manage. Good Job Team JabuLadies. What a wonderful strengthening program HERD Orphanage is, in effectively building a community of vision and togetherness. Very inspiring indeed!!!!!

    Thank you for all your hard work, love and devotion.

  2. I’m so proud of these ladies and am thankful for their hard work. They are fine examples of strong, intelligent, proud women continuing on forever.. Women have always been the backbone of life and society. You are all beautiful women!!💖
    With Love and ADMIRATION, A Colorado Mountain Grandma, USA

  3. You ladies’ are the Bees’ knees!!
    Your work and dedication to Jabulani are amazing and full of love!
    You are my hero’s!
    You ladies are role models for us all!
    Thank you and God bless you!

  4. I am so excited about your new site! Bless 🙌you, and thanks so much for what you are doing! I will continue to keep up with your continued efforts! Thanks 😊again!

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