We recently shared news of the rescue of two baby rhino orphans, who were taken to HESC, a centre where rhinos and other endangered animals are rehabilitated and rewilded. Close to us in Hoedspruit, the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is owned by Adine’s mother, Lente Roode.

Adine stepped in to offer assistance in getting the new orphans comfortable with their surroundings, and able to take milk bottles. Adine has vast experience in working with both rhino and elephant orphans and providing the milk formula they need to thrive. It’s always heartbreaking to see an influx of rhino orphans, knowing the trauma that calf has gone through, in losing its mother, and providing comfort and support as they overcome this is vital. This is where human carers help, with surrogate sheep also offering warm and welcoming company.

In this video we look at how Bula has been settling in at HESC, with Adine and now that Adine has left, as a HERD conservation student and then a team member from Saving the Survivors stepped in to help, with Adine’s guidance. Bula is learning to take milk bottles and get used to the teat, but we have seen improvement in his suckling. He has a good appetite and grazes on the vegetation outdoors, with teff and lucerne supplementing his diet. His urine and dung are good and continue to be monitored daily, around the clock, to ensure he remains stable and strong. He hasn’t been introduced to the other rhino orphans at HESC yet, although he is able to see them across the fence, giving him that support of knowing his own species is near, while he settles in.

We will keep you updated on Bula’s progress.

A look back at Bula and Peter’s arrival

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