In this video below, elephant carer Owen and HERD Founder, Adine share an update about and insight into Mambo and his recent antics after Mambo went missing. Not much later… Lundi and Mambo decide to throw a spanner in the works and add to their antics with a new adventure as Lundi chases after a nearby wild elephant herd.

The herd runs from her and she follows after them, with Mambo deciding to follow after his mom, except they seem to go in opposite directions. Some of our team follow after the two elephants on the run, tracking their footprints through the thick bush! The rest of the carers stay with the herd. Owen uses his bush skills to find Mambo easily but then it’s onto Lundi who is moving quickly after the wild herd. We see their fresh dung on the path and fresh elephant tracks.

Eventually we find Lundi close to the elephant homestead. Safe and sound. Tigere says that the wild elephants have recently been very spread out across the bush and have limited our herd’s grazing areas, causing a lot of run ins with the wild herd. Our rescued herd and the wild elephants try to avoid each other but if they come across each they they will often chase one another away. Khanyisa and Tokwe give Adine a warm welcome after she and Owen had been running through the reserve for hours!

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