On her last morning at the orphanage, there are no farewells, no tears, only the same joyful glug of milk bottles, grassy bites, sheepy comfort and friendly carers! But perhaps Khanyisa knew something was different as she marched off to play with the big elephants’ sand mound — the mound she would be able to sleep on and call her own that very night as she joins Tokwe, Fishan and the youngsters in their section of the homestead! Herman tries to tempt her away but Tigere has the magic touch and escorts Khanyisa off to meet up with the herd! Watch the elephants as they all move through the bush for the start of their day of foraging and fun!

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Khanyisa returns from the bush with the herd and it’s straight to four lined-up milk bottles that she heads, along with sweet potato chunks and grass! The other elephants enjoy their snacks under the canopy, as we supplement their feed with extra green grass, bana grass and Lucerne. There is some commotion as the team carry Khanyisa’s bucket of food closer to the canopy — something the herd is very unfamiliar with and Tokwe gets a fright! There is trumpeting and an immediate huddling as the elephants encircle Khanyisa, who gets scared by the activity and heads toward the orphanage. Tigere suggests the humans get out and leave it to the elephants to manage, as they know best and are now in charge of raising Khanyisa. Tokwe has accepted other orphans before, such as Jabulani, Timisa and Kumbura, and knows what’s best. But it’s still a shock and slightly nerve wracking to hand Khanyisa over to them. It’s a big moment for us and the elephants show they have Khanyisa’s best interests at heart as they keep her safe just as they do in the bush. They escort her to the canopy area to feed with them. A heartwarming moment for us! The sun starts to set as the herd settle down with their newest member for the evening ahead!

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