Shepherd Nkomazana is one of our dear elephant carers working to care for the rescued elephant herd and orphans. He is a Level 2 Elephant Carer! Originally from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, he has been with us since 2017 and has been working alongside elephants since 2000. He has plenty of knowledge about these gentle giants! Shepherd lives close by to the reserve with the family he has built here in South Africa. He has two daughters. While at the reserve, he is often with carers, Last, Owen and Josiya.


Watch our Carer Conversations series featuring Shepherd here!

In this video, Shepherd shares some insight into his life with the herd, such as the important lessons he has learnt from the elephants: respect and trust. He says that out in the bush every day, as long as he and the carers are with the elephants, they are safe from predators like lions — the elephants will charge any threat or alert the carers.

Shepherd also shares how the herd dynamics have changed of late — with Khanyisa’s presence among the elephants. He says that the females who used to forage with their offspring now spend their time with Khanyisa — which is typical of a breeding herd, the females moving their attention to the youngest calf in the herd, the baby who needs the most protection and support and teaching. Bubi therefore spends less time with her son Zindoga and Lundi less time with Mambo, both females now immersed in mothering Khanyisa. We will be sure to check in with Shepherd and the carers again soon, to share more insight from the bush and herd with you!

Thank you for watching and caring!


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