Fishan the Survivor

Elephant Bull Fishan Surprises Us All & Pulls Up an Entire Tree from the Ground

Fishan may have a weaker leg and a limp caused by his injury in 2018 when he fractured his leg but this bull is still incredibly strong, weighing over four tonnes, with great power and control in his trunk. As he shows us in this video below, when he uproots a large tree while out foraging with his herd. He hereby helps other smaller and less skilled elephants in his herd to access branches and roots from the tree, while also helping other smaller animals like antelope to feed on the tree’s provisions. Elephants can cause a lot of damage to a wilderness if they’re overpopulated or have too small a habitat, but in harmony with nature, they are vital ecosystem engineers.

Watch the video below!

Do you know Fishan’s story? How he overcame a fractured leg to walk again with his herd?

Watch this video below and read more in our blog >

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  1. Working to fix Fishan’s broken leg was the most fascinating video I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Man at his BEST!

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