JabuGin’s journey is intertwined with the mission of HERD Trust, where we work to share awareness of elephants and create sustainable ways to repurpose waste and reduce our impact on the earth.

In an exciting update, we’re thrilled to announce that JabuGin is now available for purchase on our online shop. Now, enthusiasts of unique gins and supporters of wildlife conservation can easily bring home a bottle of JabuGin to enjoy its exceptional flavour and contribute to the cause.

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Adult elephants are known for their hefty appetites, eating roughly 150 kilograms (330 pounds) of food daily. Much of this passes through their system undigested, resulting in the production of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of dung per day.

Rather than disposing of the herd’s dung as waste, we’ve found innovative ways to repurpose it. The JabuLadies project uses dried elephant dung to make homemade paper and soap, creating a unique gift that we sell through our curio and online stores. The HERD elephant dung compost project uses elephant dung, along with Bokashi made with leftover food from the lodge and staff quarters, to create a nutrient-rich compost that is used across the homestead and in the reserve, such as in the bana grass plantation. JabuGin forms part of the sustainability project in a special way.

What sets JabuGin apart is its unique ingredient – the dung of the Jabulani herd. While many may think this is an odd ingredient to add to a gin, the truth is quite the opposite. The dung, carefully collected, cleaned, and dried, is flavoured with a myriad of natural botanicals gathered by the elephants during their daily excursions. It’s nature’s own distillery, offering a bounty of flavours and aromas that lend JabuGin its distinctive character.

The journey of JabuGin, from a wild idea on safari to a unique spirit contributing to wildlife conservation, is a tale worth telling. During a safari in Kenya, Paula Ansley found herself captivated by the browsing habits of elephants while enjoying a G&T. It was in this tranquil setting that the idea of crafting gin from elephant dung took root. Thus, Indlovu Gin was born – the world’s first gin infused with botanicals sourced from elephant dung, driven by a profound commitment to wildlife preservation.

Teaming up with Jabulani and HERD, Paula and Les Ansley ventured to create JabuGin, a bespoke gin using botanicals foraged by the Jabulani herd. The process is meticulous, with a traditional London Dry base infused with classic botanicals before undergoing a unique infusion stage where elephant-foraged botanicals impart their distinct flavours.

JabuGin is a full-bodied, highly aromatic gin with earthy, grassy notes that evoke the essence of the African wilderness, with hints of juniper, coriander, and citrus. While its unconventional origins may raise eyebrows, JabuGin’s exquisite taste speaks volumes, best enjoyed neat or with a splash of tonic, accompanied by chocolate, citrus or coffee to accentuate its unique taste.

JabuGin is a gin like no other.

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