Phabeni has been joining the herd not only for walks but swims too! This brave little bull adapts so well to every new outing and adventure. He spent a few dam visits first staying at the water’s edge, on land with Setombe and his allomothers, but has quickly learnt that fun and excitement await him in the depths of the dam too. He has showed great enthusiasm and skill in splashing and submerging in the waterholes with the elephants all around him, just like Khanyisa did when she first started swimming with the herd. Phabeni rolls about under water and flaps his little trunk around, with various allomothers watching over him.

In this video below, filmed by carer, Owen we see one of his very first swims! Swimming is a favourite pastime of the elephants and Phabeni has quickly learnt to love it as much as his new family. The herd visit several waterholes during the day, for drinks, or swims. Our carers are always close by and watching over the herd, especially with Phabeni among them and needing extra surveillance. The herd are doing a stellar job at caring for and protecting him, even with buffalo and rhinos around.

Watch all the wonderful dynamics in this new scene from the wilderness!

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