The orphanage, with its dedicated carers and facilities, has helped Khanyisa heal over all these months since January 2020. It’s bittersweet, to watch her moving on, but we know it’s the very best thing for her development. With the weather warming up, we are plotting the next steps. For now, enjoy the last few moments of Khanyisa in her nursery and private garden. She’s going to have to share her space with a lot more family members any day now! But she’s spending all the time she has close to Lammie and Nungu for now, and gulping down those milk bottles in record time!

The sheep have been there for her for many months and in Lammie’s case… right from the very first day. Khanyisa won’t be spending time with her companion sheep when she moves to the homestead but we share some happy, contented moments between the three friends in this video below. Khanyisa will need to adapt to elephant life, as nature intended as much as possible for a semi-wild elephant. We hope this video shares some insight into this new phase with you!

As we prepare to move Khanyisa next door to the homestead, as she prepares to graduate from the orphanage, we have successfully weaned her from her nighttime milk bottles. This was vital to enable her to move to the homestead to be with the bigger elephants. Her night bottles were reduced to one midnight bottle and eventually to no bottles during the night, between 6 pm and 6 am. Khanyisa was a complete champ! She woke up expecting to get her midnight bottle but saw that it was not arriving and simply went back to sleep. She has been receiving more milk during the day to ensure she still gets the same amount of milk overall — her energy has been great and her weight has been rising well. We are so excited for the next step which we will share with you soon — that last night at the orphanage!

Join us for a premier of Khanyisa’s Very Last Night at the Orphanage here on 28 October 2022 >

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