Catch up with the elephants’ adventures below.

Happiness at the waterhole with all the elephants in the herd

There are mud lovers and water lovers today and among the former is certainly Limpopo, among the water babies on this afternoon is Sebakwe, Fishan and again, Limpopo! Nothing keeps the matriarch’s daughter from the dam’s joys when the sun is out. Even Jabulani is daring to indulge himself and play and cool off in the waterhole, splashing everyone around him. Sebakwe shows off his fierce splash routine and even Khanyisa can be seen giving the water a roll-around!

Amazing Elephant Acrobatics as the Herd Play & Spar in the Mud

The elephants never fail to impress when they’re faced with a little wet earth and mud. Staying upright is not the way to enjoy the cooler splashier ground. One needs to get down and dirty. One needs to abandon decorum and make the most of the refreshing soil by applying as much body to ground as possible. Limpopo is especially efficient at this and Mambo, Pisa and Timisa certainly give it their best too. This is pure elephant enjoyment, the herd’s happy place, and a pleasure to watch.

Unexpected Encounters as Elephant Bull Zindoga Mounts & Chases After Pisa

Zindoga is persistent in his chase of Pisa on this day, as he follows her around and mounts her. Watch him manage to lift his weight onto her. Pisa manages to remove herself from his grasp and tries to push back but Zindoga keeps at it. He is certainly the stronger and bigger of the two. We’re not sure what prompted this but it does come after Sebakwe tried similar tactics with Timisa recently. Pisa and Zindoga are on contraception — as per the law in South Africa for wildlife in the care of humans. And yet, Zindoga still appears to have urges, as Sebakwe displayed too.

Read more about why the herd are on contraception here >

Special Timisa Time & Watch Zindoga Playing Big Brother to Khanyisa

Catch up with the elephants on their peaceful foraging adventures— namely little Timisa, as she feeds close to Zindoga and Kumbura. Zindoga is a special young bull as he really seems to enjoy being in the company of the other young elephants, namely the females as Mambo has become much too rough for him. Mambo likes to challenge him frequently and sometimes Zindoga just wants peace and quiet, like his father figure Somopane. Enjoy sweet moments with Khanyisa walking beneath Zindoga’s trunk and close ups of the albino calf in the sunshine as Adine spends time with her.

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