Nungu and Lammie are our incredible surrogate sheep who helped to raise not only Khanyisa but many other elephant and rhino calves over the years. Nungu is around 14 years old and is starting to show signs of old age. Her condition appears to be diminishing in spite of there not being anything clearly wrong with her health. We are continuing to monitor her but are very aware that she might be coming to the end of her life, as sad as that is to accept. We will certainly keep you updated about this incredible sheep and best friend to Lammie! Nungu joined HERD in March 2021 to give Lammie company and join in on looking after Khanyisa when she was still in the orphanage. She had served as a surrogate mother to a number of orphaned wildlife for many years, including rhino calves orphaned as a result of poaching, and a little zebra named Zeta who was rescued after being found caught in a snare.

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