Tokwe – The Matriarch of the Herd

Born in around 1988, Matriarch in the herd, Tokwe is part of the original herd that were rescued from Zimbabwe, in 2002. Her authoritative presence helped the herd settle down quickly in our care. The Jabulani herd has followed her example since the beginning, and she has never let them down. Tokwe and Lundi work hand-in-hand in their motherly duties in the herd. Lundi is her closest friend, almost like a sister, ever since the strenuous times in Zimbabwe when they took comfort in one another.

As the matriarch, Tokwe has her hands full currently with the other little ones in the herd. She was the first elephant to give birth, first to Limpopo, in 2006, and then to Pisa, in 2009. She also cares for the orphaned elephants, being the adoptive mother to Kumbura (rescued in 2009) and Timisa (rescued in 2016).

Tokwe is protective, nurturing, kind and accepting, but still disciplined. She leads by example and is a strong decision-maker. Tokwe has beautifully slender tusks that are longer than the other females. You can identify her by the fact that her tusks turn slightly inwards. She is generally wider and shorter than many of the other females.