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Wisdom 15 – Some hearts beat the same.



Jabulani may be young, at only 26 years of age, but he has a beautiful reliable demeanour and in human terms, a big brother/ fatherliness that he displays toward little albino orphan, Khanyisa. He was the first elephant to show great interest in Khanyisa while the calf was rehabilitating at the orphanage. So when it came time to start to gradually integrate her into the herd, Jabulani was the first to take the step to meet Khanyisa trunk to trunk without the fence between them. It was a sensational moment for us and a little scary but Jabulani showed absolute calmness, patience and openness to her. Jabulani has a lovely influence on her in the herd. As an orphan himself, rescued in 1997 at 4 months old, he understands the journey Khanyisa is on.

Artwork by local South African artist, Maryke Vosloo



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