About Kumbura


Orphaned elephant Kumbura was lovingly accepted into the Jabulani herd in 2009.  Meaning “To remember”, Kumbura was seen wandering on a private game reserve, next to the Limpopo River on the border of Botswana and South Africa, alone, with no sight of her mother or herd.

It is estimated that she was alone for three months before she was rescued. Despite what Kumbura experienced, she has become a strong and caring elephant who plays an important role in the social hierarchy of the herd.

She is an exceptional older sister to adopted orphan, Timisa, and has also become an integral part of Khanyisa’s support system, taking on a role as allomother.

Kumbura is a delicate and slender elephant with fewer wrinkles than many of the other elephants in the herd. Her head is very angular and her tusks are average in size and quite sharp and pointy. She is a similar age to Pisa, but she looks quite a bit older