We wanted to show you something a little different today… check in with the elephants, as well as a few other animals we share our wilderness home with! Including giraffe, zebra, buffalo and impala! Go on a walk with the carers, a drive with Adine and a fly-by with the Carer-Mobile as the bakkie moves across the dirt paths ferrying our carers to where they need to be! Our 16 000 ha reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, giving the herd in our care exposure to wild elephants, the big 5, big cats, birdlife and a range of antelope and other species. During their daily walks, they encounter many of these animals. When the herd from Zimbabwe first arrived in our reserve in 2002 after being rescued, they had never encountered many of these wild animals before and so it took some getting used to! They didn’t know what a zebra was! Today, they live much wilder lives, experiencing the African bush and its beautiful inhabitants at every turn!

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