These scenes were filmed by Carer Owen! How can you not smile while watching the elephants enjoying life so much? All they need is a little mud and water and their wilderness turns into a playground! Watch Khanyisa and Timisa enjoying the mud with the other elephants close by, and waterhole time as all the elephants get stuck into the joys of the dam. Sebakwe and Mambo take to sparring, Khanyisa splashes that little pink trunk about and is protected by allomothers, Kumbura, Klaserie and Limpopo. Happy new year from all of us at HERD! May you find joy in the simplest of places too!

This year, we are endeavouring to give our Carers more opportunities to contribute to our YouTube Channel by filming more videos. This serves as a wonderful chance for them to learn new skills and gain insight into media while helping to share awareness and education about elephants. While we have a Carer iPhone currently that is shared amongst all our carers, the team are also using their personal phones to capture the odd video here and there. These phones are not good quality and so a lot of video opportunities are lost as the footage is very shaky and grainy. We would love to share quality videos with you captured by our team on the ground, especially when Adine is not at the reserve and unable to film the elephants for us.

If you have a cellphone to donate, perhaps one that is old but still in good condition that you’re not using, or if you’d like to donate to the cause, please get in touch with us at! We would love to have every carer in our team equipped with a phone to ensure everyone is able to benefit from learning and practicing these new skills! Perhaps we’ll see new photographers and videographers developing from the elephants’ human family!

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