Get your thinking trunks on and see how you do at this elephant quiz! Who can you recognise and identify in the Jabulani elephant herd? Captured on the CARER CAM, we show several of the elephants in this big blended family and share a few clues here and there to help you name the individuals! Let us know how you do!

Here are the Answers! Click on the images to view full size!

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  1. I thought this was excellent! I got about half of it right. It is a great way to learn who is who. Isn’t there a young elephant called Pisa too? Thanks for posting these type of videos and thank you for caring and dong so much for the wonderful elephants!👏🐘

  2. That was a fun quizz even if with my cell phone it makes it a little bit difficult to see all the specific features of all the Ellies but it is in trying that we will improve Great idea again from the Human Herd !

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