Lovely Limpopo

Named after a river in Zimbabwe and a province in South Africa, Limpopo is a typical little Tokwe – her mother and the Matriarch in the herd. She is caring, curious, intuitive, dedicated, protective, and adoring… Sometimes overly so.

Limpopo keeping a trunk of protection around Khanyisa

Limpopo is an intelligent and beautiful young female, very alert to the other elephants’ feelings, and is developing well in her skills as an allomother.

She has provided great support for all the three orphan elephant calves integrated into the herd: Kumbura, Timisa and Khanyisa. For the little albino calf who arrived in January 2020, Limpopo has gone above and beyond in caring for, following, and protecting her. Her dedication is matched only by complete curiosity in Khanyisa.

With all of her younger siblings, Limpopo helps Tokwe and the other mothers to tend to them.

She also enjoys spending time with her best friend, Klaserie, who is just 6 months younger than her. Limpopo is her mother, Tokwe’s biggest fan, always backing her up and giving her daughterly support. It is beautiful to watch her love and devotion to her and the beautiful way she contributes to the wellbeing of the herd.

Click HERE to foster Limpopo and help us to support her and her herd.

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